What Is WhitePepper Online?

A benchmark for online culinary education. On-demand learning across a range of robust professional techniques, made easy with step-by-step video tutorials. Powered by an intuitive learning management system with optional FE pathways. Hailing from the in-person training experts WhitePepper Chef Academy who bring experiential learning directly to your kitchen, classroom or workplace. Courses offer complete control over pace and have extensions for fully interactive learning.

Who Is It For?

Chef Finalising Dish

Why Choose WhitePepper Online?

We’re saturated with choice when it comes to food media; TV, online and in paperback – there are many different ways, many different styles. Finding methods which work consistently can often be a needle in a haystack. Our courses unpack the how and why via a multi-discipline archive. Our pedagogical approach is collaborative, reflective and integrative. Our techniques have relevance, our courses have reverence.

Learner Grants To Promote Skills

We champion online learning as a smart way to develop skills. To this extent, we flag Hospitality Grants and Education Grants, with a combined value of £250,000. There is no convoluted application process – we have automatically applied the grants directly to all relevant training package prices.

Device Compatibility

High quality video 1080p. Watch on desktop, tablet, phone or TV. Enjoy unlimited streaming of 100+ videos per course. Switch between, or watch on multiple devices simultaniously (e.g. smartphone and PC).

Open the recipe handbooks on your screen or download and print. Ad-free with unlimited watching, pause, repeat functions.

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