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To educate, retain and reward. These are the top motivating factors businesses have for enrolling their employees. And it’s refreshingly easy too, with our forward-thinking and flexible solution for SMEs and organisations with any number of employees.

Every employee is assigned a culinary mentor to guide them through the course. Individual results are trackable for you to see, delivering meaningful progress and value for your business.

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Benefits To Employers

  • Hassle-free onboarding

  • 12-months L&D programme

  • Trackable CPD progress

  • Promotes retention by reward

  • Culinary mentor per employee

  • CKBK subscription included

Upskilling Made-easy

Our online training doesn’t feel like mandatory tickboxing. It’s an inspirational L&D journey which builds CPD, certificates and skills profiles. It tackles the soft fundamentals, progressing smoothly to the more complex. It’ll allow your people to grow and drive your managers forward. It’s flexible too – you can assign certain modules to particular learners. Run the programme over a leisurely 12 month period or fast track progress by condensing into a timeframe that suits your training window and objectives.

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Explore exclusive access to a 14-day free trial. Unlock the features to experience the platform for yourself

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Fully Customisable

We know that every business is unique, that’s why we offer a service to include your own white-labelling, branding, content, videos, policies, documents and more. Contextualise the training platform so that your learners can access everything altogether and under your umbrella.

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Level 2 Award in Cookery Skills

In collaboration with the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality employees can now obtain an internationally recognised qualification by adding 5 days of in-person training.

Hospitality Grants For Vocational Training

We champion online education as a successful way to help close skill gaps and/or skills shortages. To this extent, we offer Hospitality Grants. There is no convoluted application process – we have simply applied the grants directly to our training package prices. The Hospitality Grant for enterprise, offers 1,000 seats with a 25% grant applied for employers and their teams. A total grant value of £100,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Culinary training for enterprise has been carefully developed by WhitePepper Chef Academy who have significant experience training some of the UK’s finest professionals over the last decade. Graduates are in high demand, testament to the quality of programmes and also teaching acumun.

Our hands-off and hassle free approach means that employers can enrol teams of all sizes, knowing each employee will be individually attended to and guided through the programme. There are transparent progress reports and certification upon completion.

The training and features last for 12-months. This provides weekly training activities at a leisurely pace. There is autonomy to approach the course more intensively to quicken progress and results.

No, online culinary training for enterprise is a significant programme with long lasting benefits. 5 day in-person training is only needed if learners wish to obtain a Level 2 Award in Cookery Skills.

There are several options to make the platform harmonious with your brand. Contact us to explore the options and supplementary costs.

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Explore exclusive access to a 14-day free trial. Unlock the features to experience the platform for yourself