On-demand Practical Cookery

Our curriculum for educators is a vibrant programme designed to support comprehensive cookery knowledge. A free resource whereby educators can select specific skills to bolt-on / replace existing lessons.

The extended version provides a complete learning experience with the guidance from a professional chef. Successful students can subsequently apply for a scholarship to 5 days in-person training resulting in a Level 2 Award in Cookery School.

Some of the 100+ skills

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Benefits To Educators

  • Free resources for educational institutions

  • Deliver in classroom or set as remote activities

  • Dovetails with existing LPs / SOW

  • Full academic year of lessons

  • FE extensions via scholarship and apprenticeship

How it works

We believe accessibility and flexibility of experiential learning. To address this we offer pre-recorded programmes. This provides the ultimate control over study and pace.

Educators can reference particular skills-videos in the classroom or set students the extended task of watching at home to support a lesson. For individual students who wish to go further we provide assistance with personal development logs and FE training.

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Scholarship Opportunities

Having completed the Fully Guided programme, undertake 5 days in-person training to obtain a Level 2 qualification. Successful scholarship candidates receive an additional 50% bursary fund towards tuition fees (Conditions apply).

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Culinary Apprenticeship

Scholars can apply for a 2-year full time culinary apprenticeship to work at WhitePepper to gain a Level 3 Certificate in professional Cookery. Candidates should have already completed Level 2 blended training and be between the ages 16 to 19 years old.

Education Grants For Culinary Education

We champion food education to promote practical skills and healthy choices. To this extent, we offer Education Grants. There is no convoluted application process – we have simply applied the grants directly to our package prices. The Education Grant for educators, offers 500 seats (Fully Guided) with a 60% grant applied for schools, colleges and under 18s. A total grant value of £150,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s simple, just contact us to verify that you are an educational establishment with a nominated email address and we’ll grant immediate access. Please note, one account per institute but you can share it amongst the school as much as you wish.

Culinary education is our business. Not only is the archive a very convenient resource but recipes and techniques have been procured over many years and represent enduringly popular and satisfying techniques.

No, never. Only a single email is required to access the culinary platform resources for 1 year.

This is the resources package with practical cookery and interactive feedback from a culinary mentor. It’s designed for under 18 year olds. There is a 60% discount via an education grant (pending association with a school or college). Participants will compile a personal development log (effectively a culinary portfolio). This portfolio may be used at any future stage towards FE training.

Yes. The online part is an excellent course by itself but can be coupled with a week of in-person training to build an accredited Level 2 qualification. For those who wish to stay in education, there is opportunity for a 2-year culinary apprenticeship at WhitePepper, working towards an accredited Level 3 Professional Cookery Certificate.

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Explore exclusive access to a 14-day free trial. Unlock the features to experience the platform for yourself