Student Grievance and Complaints Procedure

The vast majority of our learners find their course extremely enjoyable and fulfilling. However, when there are problems, please follow the procedure set out below. It is WhitePepper’s policy to respond to any complaints as quickly as possible and to make studying and working conditions fair for staff and students alike.  Most grievances can be resolved quickly and informally through discussion with your culinary mentor or the WhitePepper Online technical support team ([email protected])

Step 1: Written Grievance

If discussion with your culinary mentor or WhitePepper Online technical support advisor does not resolve the problem, you should put your grievance in writing. The written grievance should set out the nature of the complaint, including any relevant facts, dates and names of individuals involved so we can fully investigate it.

Step 2: Meeting

We will arrange a grievance conversation in person or by phone, normally within one week of receipt of your written grievance.

If you cannot attend at the time specified you should let us know as soon as possible and we will try, within reason, to agree an alternative time.

We may adjourn the meeting if we need to carry out further investigations. We will write to you within one week of the meeting to confirm our decision and notify you of any action we intend to take. We will advise you of your right to appeal

Step 3: Appeal

If the grievance has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you may appeal to the Managing Director stating your full grounds of appeal within one week of the date on which the decision was sent or given to you.

We will hold an appeal meeting in person or by phone, normally within two weeks of receiving the appeal. This will be dealt with by someone senior within WhitePepper, if relevant who has not previously been involved in the matter or an external adjudicator. We will confirm our decision in writing, usually within one week of hearing the appeal. There is no further right of appeal.

Step 4: Appeal Process

If a student feels that disciplinary action is wrong or unjust they should appeal in writing within 7 days of the date of the exclusion notice, stating their full grounds of appeal.

WhitePepper will give the student written notice of the date, time and place of the appeal hearing. This may be a complete re-hearing of the matter or a review of the fairness of the original decision in light of the procedure that was followed and any new information which may have come to light. This will be at the discretion of the School.

Where possible the appeal will be heard by a senior member of staff who has not previously been involved in the matter or an external adjudicator. WhitePepper may adjourn the appeal hearing in light of any new points the student raises at the hearing. The student will be given a reasonable opportunity to consider any new information raised before the hearing is reconvened.

Following the appeal hearing, WhitePepper may:

  • Confirm the original decision
  • Revoke the original decision
  • Substitute a different penalty

WhitePepper will inform the student in writing of its final decision as soon as possible, usually within one week of the appeal hearing. Where possible this will also be explained in person. There will be no further right of appeal.